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No job too small!
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  • A brand new way to overcome media and info terrorists!
  • Award-winning professional with 100% success rate!
  • Turn your issue around overnight!
  • Dovetails into and enhances existing PR efforts
  • Restore trust and credibility with your stakeholders
It's A New Day, America!

For the first time in American history, corporate and Government leaders can instantly and very affordably gain control of their extremely hot issues with a very high return on investment.

E-Power's unique
Liaison Issue Command Center process smoothly dovetails into existing communication activities or is effective standing alone. 

At last, there is a way to end public misunderstanding, stop irresponsible journalists and activists, build public trust and, most importantly, keep projects and proposals on track! 

Our Liaison Issue Command Center process has been tested against some of  the toughest issues in the U.S. and the world.  The Liaison Issue Command Center process has never failed to greatly reduce the noise and allow our clients to focus on the real issues. 

Maybe you have a program, proposal or project that is being threatened by misinformation.  Or maybe you just want to do a better than average job of delivering messages, building trust and credibility with your stakeholders from the start. Either way, we can make a big difference in the outcome for less than most traditional, now obsolete techniques.

"You have created the AC-130 Gunship of Crisis Communications"
British NATO Information Officer 

"Every major regulatory permit should require this process!"
Former Head, 
MS Dept of Marine Resources

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