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The Response is International!!

When Michael gives his free presentation to potential clients, the comments range from  "awesome to unbelievable."  

In 2007, Michael was received the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Michael C. Robinson Worldwide Public Affairs Officer of the Year and the Emergency and Crisis Communicator of the Year for using his virtual customer service process to help the residents of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  He is currently using his skills to assist with high-profile public involvement and risk communications projects such as the national Formerly Used Defense Sites and other issues, e.g. Natomas Levees, Hurricane Gustav and Ike responses. 

Here are a few comments from around the world and around the corner.

"Thank you for putting the service back in public service."
A visitor to our Ocean Springs VICC

"This is visionary ... everyone should do this for the media"
Times Picayune Bureau Chief

"This process should be used for every permit on the Gulf Coast."
Director, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

"You are the AC130 Gun Ship of Crisis Communications."
British NATO Information Operations Officer

"This is a great tool for regulators.  It instantly eliminates the public debate caused by  misunderstanding and misinformation" 
Anna Schoonover, Solutions, Inc., Vicksburg, Miss.,
expert dispute resolution professional (client)

"This man is the best in the world at what he does!"  
Nellie Caldwell, Vicksburg Riverfront Murals project
 (non-profit client)

"This process definitely put me in the "fight back mode." I spend hours emphasizing message points but they never make it to print. We have been spinning our wheels" 
Senior Federal regional public relations manager, St. Louis, Mo.

"We plan to use this process for all our key issues" 
Senior Federal regional project management executive,
Vicksburg, Miss.

"Have you heard about Logue's process yet? I strongly encourage you to implement its precepts in your field offices." 
National project management executive
 to regional project executives

"The concept is so conceptually elegant. I am sharing this with all our field offices." 
Regional Federal project management executive, 
Dallas, Texas

"Our construction administrator just returned to Europe fired up and impressed by your process. I'm sure he was just one of a crowd who were wowed." 
Senior Federal public relations manager, Germany

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Michael Awards


Alumnus of the Year
Mississippi College, 06
Department of Communications

Corps of Engineers

Lifetime Achievement in Public Affairs

Michael C. Robinson
Worldwide PA Officer, 08

Michael C. Robinson
Worldwide PA Officer, 00

Herbert A. Kassner
Gold Quill for Journalism

Media Relations (2)

Community Relations (2)

Command Information

Command Civilian of the
Year (2)

Performance Medals (2)


Community Relations
Award of Excellence (2)

Thomas Jefferson Award
for Journalistic Excellence

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